Find Me Elsewhere

Here are links to my pages on other social media platforms:

  • Instagram: Check out my latest projects (also found on this blog). Send me a message if you would like the link to my private instagram (I require that we know each other).
  • Pinterest: I currently have around 40 different pinterest boards, feel free to follow some or all of them! The different boards include quilting, home ideas, favorite local goods, recipes to try, my completed pinterest projects and my craft “portfolio,” tips on babies/kids, and more!
  • Tumblr: I do not post too many original posts on tumblr, it mostly consists of funny or meaningful “reblogs.”
  • Twitter: I have yet to truly understand how twitter works, and therefore almost never use it. I have one, nonetheless.
  • MyFitnessPal: Friend me on MFP and we can hold each other accountable!
  • Fitbit: I use my Fitbit nearly 24/7 and absolutely love having more friends for challenges!
  • Runkeeper: Similar to fitbit, but focuses on running/walking and provided you with statistics and training programs to help you improve and succeed. Much more focused on fitness and specifics than either MFP or Fitbit, yet it does sync with both of them! I also have this linked to my ZombiesRun app, so if you are on there go ahead an add me. User name is SABDalen.
  • My Fiction
  • More to come! I plan on creating a blog for my nonfiction writing and a gallery somewhere for my photography. Currently I am only present on shutterstock and it is not doing me much good.

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