About Me

My name is Stephanie Dalen. I grew up an Air Force Brat and am now married to a dashing young man in the U.S. Air Force. As a result of his career and a new baby, advancing my own career is “on hold.” I am turning my crafting hobby into a source of income so that I can work from home. In addition to our son, Theodore, we have three spoiled furbabies: Amos, Bruce, and Agent Zero.

I have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska – Omaha in General Science (emphasis in Biology) and a minor in Environmental Studies. I have previously worked as a Park Ranger (Visitor Services) for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. I am hoping to pursue a career in environmental education and conservation sometime down the road. I am currently working on a certificate in web design through Sessions.

I am a dabbler of arts & crafts, sewing, quilting, cooking, digital scrapbooking and DIY projects. I am also an amateur nature photographer, enjoy writing, and love to travel. Other hobbies include playing video games (specifically World of Warcraft), researching ancestry, and enjoying comedy, sci-fi, and action on Netflix/Amazon Prime/Redbox. I always love to learn, and am trying to refresh my knowledge from High School and College so that I don’t “lose it,” and am trying to learn some new things as well. This includes American Sign Language, which I will need my son to be fluent in (as well as myself).

About This Blog

I originally created a blog to keep relatives updated as I moved around. Many of them are not on Facebook, so a blog is a great way to share major life events! Since then, I’ve actually been doing a better job providing updates through physically writing “snail mail.” It is fun, and everybody likes to receive mail that isn’t a credit card offer or bill! I’ve also convinced many relatives to join Facebook or Instagram in order to stay updated with us on a regular basis and see photos of Theodore.

My blog has evolved into a craft blog, this way I can share my “creations” as well as provide feedback on the instructions (or provide the instructions myself). Tips are always handy when going to create something yourself! My crafts typically fall in the quilting or digital scrapbooking realms.

I typically post a blog focused on a major event or a craft I’ve completed; but, I often add some bonus tidbits at the end on minor updates and musings. I hope you enjoy all parts of my blogs, even this “fluff.”

I previously used Blogger and my old blog posts can be seen at http://minimishaps.blogspot.com/


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