Etsy Shop & Large Quilt

I haven’t posted a new blog post in FOREVER. I’ve actually finished a lot of projects since then. Between the projects, opening an Etsy shop online, fostering (and keeping one) adorable kittens for a local shelter, being pregnant with baby #2, going through at least 3 illnesses in the past two months along with my toddler, and taking online classes, things have been a little crazy. I’m excited that I’ve been commissioned already for a website even though I haven’t finished my Web Design Certificate! I’ll be working on that here soon. I’m excited to start building my portfolio.

I do not have much listed as of yet on my Etsy site. I am slowly building an inventory and then may do some craft fairs. I think that my items will sell better in person where people can see and touch the quality of the products etc. They also wouldn’t have to pay shipping. I’ve thought of becoming a vendor at a local baby shop that sells handmade local goods. I’d have to build up a significantly bigger inventory to do so, though. I’m not sure I’d be able to do that and manage it by the time we will likely be moving. Maybe I’ll be ready to sell in person at craft fairs sooner and then find a permanent location at our next base.

I recently finished a belated Wedding/Christmas present for my sister-in-law and her husband. They got married last August. At that time I had already collected the fabric, but hadn’t actually started working on the quilt. She is going to be a veterinarian so I stuck with an animal theme. The quilt is almost entirely cats and dogs, but there are a few bunnies mixed in as well. It was originally going to be a scrap quilt, but I ran out of scraps and had to purchase more of the fabric. Some of it was also graciously given to me by my Aunt from her extensive fabric stash. I think she liked seeing it get used.

Here are some photos of the finished quilt! I can’t remember what the final dimensions were, but I made it as a large lap quilt/couch quilt. I think it ended up around 70 x 80 inches. The pattern it is based off of is called “Jelly On the Fence.” I did not follow the pattern exactly (I rarely do). But you can find it at Stitchin’ Tree Quilts.


I did hand-quilt it, doing random patterns on every other row. I also pieced the back, because a solid back is pretty boring. I even hid my sister-in-law’s and her husband’s names in the quilting. I’m not sure they have spotted it yet!

I also sent a few handmade Christmas presents, but so far they appear to be lost in the mail. It is extremely upsetting. I did report them to the post office and hopefully they will be found and arrive to my brother-in-law and his wife. I had a ton of shipping issues with UPS prior to Christmas, so I stuck with USPS for shipping these. I shipped six packages that day and TWO of them haven’t arrived at their destinations. They were supposed to arrive by January 23rd, but have been “in-transit” since the 20th.

I have three current quilts that are in progress. One just needs a binding, one needs quilted and the other I’m still piecing.

Here is an incomplete collection of projects I’ve done since my last blog post in March 2017:



3 thoughts on “Etsy Shop & Large Quilt

  1. I think Theo is wearing more paint than the wreath. LOL When you decide to do craft fairs check to see if they require a peddler’s license, tax paperwork, etc. I can’t sell in Oregon without a business tax number and peddler’s license, both of which will result in me losing my SSDI. In Nebraska and Iowa they didn’t have such things, which is why I did so well there. Selling at craft fairs is a hit-or-miss. You have know the sort of people that will be there, who your demographic is, etc. I did fantastic at Mystic Fest but failed at a standard craft fair, and did alright at an orchard festival. If you can survive the morning look into attending a farmer’s market. In-person always proved better for me because jewelry is something people want to touch before purchasing. Look into networking! It’s taken me a few years, but I’ve built up a pretty good network through Tumblr, DeviantArt, Twitter, and now Instagram, all leading back to my Etsy page. Etsy also has groups you can share your work in as well. You have Facebook so use that to your advantage as well.

    Good luck and I REALLY hope you move up here because I might be able to see you on a monthly basis.


    • I already have a Florida business license. In Florida you are technically required to have one to sell anything. Even if it is from your house or at craft fairs etc and you have to pay sales tax (we have no income tax so they are sticklers on sales tax). I actually have to file quarterly even if I make no sales. At least the business license is super cheap. Only 35 bucks a year.

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    • We have no sales tax here, but Oregon requires permits and licenses for EVERYTHING (Joe has a kitchen license, waiter’s license, alcohol handling license, and a couple more just so he can work). Unless you sell online, in which case I’m totally in the clear. The prices on the permits and licenses is outrageous though. He needed to pay $20-$70 for each of the work licenses, and $250 for a driver’s license.


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