Newest Baby Quilt

I completed this quilt a couple months ago, but am just now getting around to posting photos of it. This is a very basic quilt, as well as very small. Theodore thinks it is the perfect size! I had the quilt top assembled before my mom came to stay with me for a while, but she brought the PERFECT fabric for the backing. A super soft minky (since the back is minky, this quilt has no batting and the only quilting on it was done by machine along the sides of inner border). I even bound this one by machine, which I almost never do. But, my mom had her sewing machine with her and I took advantage of all of it’s awesome stitches while she was here. I already miss her machine, even though I’ve only sewn a couple items since she has left.

Here are the photos (Theodore is modeling):


I am currently working on an Easter basket for him. I found the tutorial here, so far I am NOT a fan of the tutorial itself. The directions are confusing, and I’ve mostly had to interpret from the photos. So, at least the visuals are there. There is also one direction so far that is completely wrong (and disagrees with what the creator did). So it may have been a typo/done quickly. I chose this pattern because I like the drawstring for the top-especially great for toddlers. It’s a cute idea, but I think I may “re-write” the directions for myself if I want to make another with any changes. I always follow the directions of patterns the first time, then make changes for the following. So far there’s a couple things I’d actually put in measurements for instead of just lining up and cutting the same and I probably wouldn’t make the next one insulated (though I would use batting and interfacing still). I’ll make sure to post photos of it at Theodore’s first Easter egg hunt in Theodore, Alabama.

I am also in the process of setting up an Etsy shop. I wish I could finish setting it up without listings, but that is a requirement. I would like to build up an inventory before I start selling. I also will be selling my mom’s bags on there once she gets me photos and pricing. Comment below on what you would be most interested in buying. I’ll likely be making small baby items (like burp cloths, etc), a few big ticket items like diaper bags and quilts, and then other items. I’ll be focusing on the small stuff first to build up inventory and have plenty of listings. There is one quilt I am working on right now that would sell well, but I love it so much I probably will keep it myself. It’s very girly and I started making it while pregnant as a baby quilt. But, no girl so far!

I’ve also begun sewing clothing from patterns. I’ve done two “tests” and the sizing for patterns is absolutely terrible. I went by the measurements on the package and ended up with a pair of shorts that were probably four sizes too big. Then I went down a couple sizes, still too big. I’m normally a 4/6 but looks like I’m an 8 in McCall’s. According to their package I was a size 12 or 14. Do NOT trust those measurements to be accurate. My mom said McCall’s is typically a size up. So she was right on that one. I wish the patterns were accurate, since once you cut them they are done. At least I only buy them when they are one or two bucks. How on Earth are you supposed to figure out what size to cut out when they are all over the place? Now that I know what size I am in McCall’s, I can create a few things! Then, I’ll have to figure out my sizing for Butterick, Simplicity, etc.

I currently have two more personal projects going on besides the Easter basket. I’ve started putting together a quilt for my mother-in-law (I’m a slacker and haven’t made her one yet), and I’ve begun collecting fabric for a wedding gift for my sister-in-law.

Unfortunately, I do not have much time to sew because we are still settling into a routine with TJ back from deployment, and when Theodore is napping I am focusing on my web design classes.


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