Plenty of Projects

I’ve made quite a few projects recently, but have not had time to post about them! Oh, no! I’m such a slacker 😉

One of the more recent ones was the (finally) finished baby quilt. I actually have two more quilt tops put together….some day I will get to finishing the quilts themselves. Someday…

Although very basic, I love the contrast and colors for a baby quilt, not to mention the foxes! The back is a light blue snuggly flannel. This is a very small quilt. Barely lap size – perfect for a baby!

I made these two projects as souvenirs/gifts. The top was a pillowcase for my Aunt Jenny. This particular fabric was not wide enough, so I had to add a couple strips. It would have been wide enough if it weren’t directional fabric. I honestly hate directional fabric, it can be so limiting. Plus, you have to be extra careful in cutting and placement for more complicated projects.

The tote bag I made for my mother-in-law who uses tote bags for work.

The third bag is a large purse/tote that I thought would be perfect for my sister-in-law who is working and in school. She’s going to be a vet one day! It was my first time doing box pleats. My sewing machine did not approve of that many layers, but I won the battle. I found the pattern for the bag here.

You can view other small projects  on my public Instagram, where I post things periodically. On there are some cloth books (still more in the works, and some completed that I forgot to take photos of….), small snack pouches I have made, and some cute burp cloths I made from a kit I bought in Missouri!


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