Throw Pillows

I am very behind on my Christmas presents for 2015. I managed to complete all of the ones for my immediate family–some made, some bought; but, I’m not quite finished with my in-laws’ presents. I have a few on that side done, but will just bring them all when we go visit Omaha (I WILL have them all done by then). I actually only have two to finish plus a requested present for my mother-in-law. She has asked for a few more tote bags similar to this one. I have them all planned out, and just purchased the correct-sized canvas tote bag I want to use as the support/lining. Found the right ones at Hobby Lobby. They will be very different and all made from my scrap collection. I actually love scrap projects, so I should be able to finish them here soon.

The presents I managed to finish and send (late-but better than never) are below. I must say, the cost of shipping packages has gotten RIDICULOUS. It’s like the shipping itself is a Christmas present. I did use patterns for these – kind of. I adjusted for the amount of fabric I had, plus personal taste. Basically, I got a little more creative.

Here are the throw pillows that I made for my siblings:


My sister Renee collects unicorns, and when I found this fabric at a thrift store I knew it was PERFECT. Not only does it have unicorns, it has a redhead riding them! The back of both pillowcases are the unicorn print.


Jeanna’s pillowcases both were scrap throw pillows. This one actually matches the pillows I made for her bed.


This is actually not the finished pillow case – somehow I missed taking a picture of it…but you get the idea. You should recognize the fabrics from here.

Chris loves Superman – so hopefully that has made up for his fear of bright colors. These pillowcases are a bit intense. They have a theater/game/workout room in their basement-so I’m sure they will work great either there or his office. I used scraps from the pillowcase I made for Zach last summer. 

I will have to get photos from my siblings to see them as actual pillows. Hopefully I’ll remember to include those in a future blog once I receive them.

Here are some “bonus” mini projects I have completed. I finished them while I was pregnant and they are sitting on the bookcase in the nursery.


Feel free to explore the about me section on this blog, I’ve posted more info to make this place more “complete.” The old blog will stay up so there is access to old posts, but this is my new blogging ‘home.’



3 thoughts on “Throw Pillows

  1. BTW I did squeal when I opened your package. Speaking of which, I’ll be shipping your gift off this week. Along with all the others. Sending you a few extra things too.


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