New Year’s Resolutions

Sorry about the obnoxiously long post. It may be a bit of a ramble. It’s late and I refuse to proofread at this point. My next blog post will have pictures! So hopefully that will make up for it. I finally got my sisters’ Christmas presents in the mail and they have both received them! That means I can finally post a blog about them 🙂 That will be the next one!

This year I have a few resolutions that I look forward to fulfilling. By “a few” I mean EIGHT. However, all eight of these are things that are continuously worked on and do not have an “end goal.” They aren’t something to cross off a list. Basically, I am going to start or continue working on these this year. In reality, that is a small goal. One worth achieving, and one I need to hold myself accountable too.

  1. Get in Shape. I know, I know. Most stereotypical and unoriginal resolution EVER! I am hoping to get back into running and “Just Dance”ing. Right now it’s just walking. I’m still recovering from delivering cute little Theodore in November and have only been cleared for walking. Tomorrow I have another exam, and am hoping for better news. The post about my fitness journey is found here on Instagram.
  2. Read more books. Another one that’s very unoriginal. Oh, well. I only read and finished one book last year besides a couple on pregnancy and parenting. Those I didn’t really read straight through, which is why I am not counting them. They were more of a “is this normal, I need to look this up” type of research book. How depressing!  I have 3 others in progress and my goal is to read at least 12 this year (not counting children’s books I read to Theodore). I am still undecided if I will be active on goodreads. It might be a good idea, that way others can hold me accountable for my progress. This may also help me start a writing blog I am planning on doing at some point.
  3. Drink more tea. Now here’s a unique one! It may seem like a strange resolution. I love trying new teas, but I currently have a cupboard FULL of teas. I can’t justify buying anymore until I reduce my current supply. My goal is at least one cup of tea a day. Unfortunately, I will have to mostly focus on my decaf teas since caffeine upsets Theodore’s stomach. At least black tea does, green and white teas may be fine with their lower caffeine content. He has such a sensitive stomach! I am hoping he outgrows some of his sensitivities. Besides caffeine, he has been preventing me from consuming anything with cow protein (this includes beef and even the lactose-free dairy products like aged cheese), tomatoes are an uncertain one as are onions. Fried food seems to upset both our tummies. Baby bellies are so sensitive! Side note: I am currently drinking decaf Acai Mango herbal tea and it is DELICIOUS. I love fruity teas.
  4. Get better at sending photos of Theodore to my dad. This is a personal one related more to relationships. My father has asked I send him at least one photo a day of his grandson, and so far I have not been doing such a good job with that. It doesn’t help that he refuses to have a social presence online, anywhere 😛
  5. Build relationships. I know this one sounds extremely vague, that is because it is a very big resolution. I mean all relationships, friendships and family. I have not been good about keeping in touch with people. I do not mean posting on facebook with updates and reading other posts. I mean truly communicating and showing I care. If this means actually physically writing, emailing, or calling then that’s what I’ll do. I feel so distant from most people now. I do not want to sound like I think the internet and technology are evil- but they certainly allow us to put less effort into our relationships with others. I also want to focus on developing new friendships. I used to be great at this while moving around growing up; but, it was much easier when in school. Right now I am not even working. I’m going to actually have to overcome some social anxiety and go out there and do things with people I have met and groups that I wish to join. Right now I am joining the local stroller warriors and la leche league. I hope that will help me meet some like-minded people. I also am hoping to get involved with the spouse group of my husband’s squadron, after all they threw me a baby shower! The key spouse is going to be retiring with her husband and is looking for somebody to take over. I am considering it since organization is “my thing.” When it comes to family, I am hoping to build better relationships with my extended family and in-laws. I saved the most important for last, my baby and husband. This past year has definitely been the best one of our relationship. Yes, we may be in the worst spot financially that we’ve ever been in and we haven’t been able to go on the mini vacations we used to (we live by the beach–so not complaining), but our relationship is the strongest and most open and honest it has ever been. I want to make sure it stays that way and gets even better. It will of course be different now that we have a baby, but in a good way. Right now it seems a little non-existent with this little guy’s demand for food every two hours and my fatigue mixed with TJ working two jobs, but I know that will get better. Obviously this is not a one-way goal, and I look forward to others wanting to build relationships with me. The problem with meeting new people is they often “flake out.” So I’m looking for real friends.
  6. Work on my language skills. I am currently using duolingo to “re-learn” Spanish. I took 4 years of it in high school (though only one really felt like I was learning to actually speak Spanish). I feel like I have forgotten all of it. I want to at least be able to “get by” on understanding it and possibly speaking it. Demand for people who are bilingual in English and Spanish seems to be on the rise in job postings. More importantly, I am dedicated to spending time working on sign language. I was a little lazy about it before, but I need to become fluent and make sure Theodore starts off learning it and will be fluent in it as well. Babies learn sign language easier than the spoken language, so we can learn together.
  7. Work with my dogs. For being a former dog trainer, my dogs behave horrendously. They used to be great, but I have not kept up with their socialization nor their basic training. I need to change this, and make sure it is greatly improved before we visit home in a few months. Otherwise, nobody will want to watch these dogs. I need to work on getting them to stop barking and their socialization with both other dogs and people. Amos used to be great with people coming over, now he is a bit guarded. I think it’s because we don’t have people over enough. The funny thing is, they are both GREAT at the dog park with both people and other dogs. But when on leash, Amos gets VERY protective of me and is quite viscous sounding. Bruce feeds off of that and then they continue to feed off each other and sound like a pack of wolves. They also keep going ballistic at anybody that is outside the front of our house. Clearly these are BIG issues. The good thing is they are both great with Theodore.
  8. Make money from my skills/in my field. I cannot justify working most of the jobs in this area, as childcare would cost more than I would make. This is not a very good job market. In fact, it is terrible. I found a better job in Shreveport and that is saying something. Every move so far, I’ve had to take a significant pay cut. Two dollars an hour from Nebraska to Louisiana (I am counting my second job there-not the first) and another three an hour from Louisiana to here. Aren’t you supposed to earn more as you go? I hate how companies always start you “at the bottom of the totem pole” often regardless of you experience. For example, I have ten years of retail/customer service experience and recently worked as a cashier. Not exactly moving up in the world. The only way I would be willing to work outside the home right now is if it were in my field and paid well. There is a seasonal job opening this summer that I am hoping I get, as my mother will be here to watch the little guy and I will be working in my field. That’s a ways off, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I am planning on completing my Jamberry U training (I should have completed it already, my bad) and working on selling more Jamberry products. I am not a pushy salesperson, but I do think it is a great product. You can learn more on the Jamberry link above. I also want to build up an inventory of things I make. There is a shop here that has local vendors that sell unique baby items, and since I have a baby and will be making baby items it seems like it could be a great partnership. I would set the prices (they have to be fairly low for this shop since it is a consignment/local store, but small items would be priced low anyways), and they would get 25%. Not too bad, plus it would build a customer base for an etsy shop and/or custom orders. I currently don’t have time to sew, and have some gifts to finish up for late Christmas. I’ll get to it, I’m determined. I have no idea how Theodore will react to my sewing machine, but he will just have to get used to it!

What are your New Year’s resolutions (if you have any)? Are you planning on doing something new? Do you have any especially unique goals this year? Post them in the comments below!

I am new to wordpress, so feel free to give me suggestions and let me know about features you think I would like!


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. For wordpress I recommend tags. These will make it easier to find your blog on google. I have quilting patterns and other tags, and when someone googles “quilting patterns” my blog pops up somewhere. The more often I blog and use the tags the more likely it is the page will show up. That’s a big thing you should work on. For personal blogs I use “Life of Renee” because it’s really not that important.

    I have two separate pages set up on my blog at the top. One is an about me page, which will get updated every now and then. It makes your page more personal and less robot-sounding. It’ll make you seem more like a person, and I’ve found that really helpful when I read blogs. Another page I have set up is for my various other internet locations, along with a description for each them. This helps people learn more about me, my life, and who it is they’re following. It also shows I’m very organized, know what I’m doing, and I keep business separate from my personal life. I like seeing this with other blogs as well.

    As for resolutions, I have only a few.

    1. Re-name my Etsy shop to reflect my new work.
    I’ve already adjusted my policies. I HIGHLY recommend you look over them so you can figure out what you want for your policies. This is so freaking important, and I cannot emphasize this enough. If you want any tips for an online business contact me. I’ve built up a great reputation, have customers who have purchased my work multiple times, and overall have been quite successful. Jewelry is harder to sell because there is SO MUCH, but sewn items feel more personal and folks are likely to purchase those. Consider who your demographic is and focus on that. Mine is a bit spread out, but a lot of people fall into the same categories. Again, contact me with any questions regarding this.

    2. Tone up. I dropped 30 pounds in less than a year, and dropping gluten out of my diet (yay for food allergies) helped that a lot. What I need to do is build up muscle mass. My five year goal is to be able to press my own weight. In college I could bench press 100 lbs (my own weight) and leg press 150 lbs. Now…a gallon of milk is work. Arthritis doesn’t help, but I plan on talking to a professional at some point this year to figure out what I can and cannot do, what can be changed or adjusted, and a safe way to do that. I miss my six pack.

    3. Successfully sell my sewn work and quilts. I’ve only just started making quilts, but a lot of my previous buyers are ecstatic about the new work. Several people on tumblr have asked about commissioning me. My best friend, who has been sewing for YEARS, has told me that my progress in just three months is insane. Mom even told me she’s thoroughly impressed with how far I’ve gotten. I’ve accepted one baby quilt commission, but she’s not due to have the baby until May. I’ve said no to others because I’ve only just started. If I keep improving, and the person commissioning me leaves a good review, I may do really well. I’ll need to set up a commission policy page at some point, but right now it’s learn-as-I-go. It was very different selling my jewelry, so this is a bit of an adventure for me.

    4. Attend a comic con in cosplay. I’m learning how to sew, so why not make a cosplay outfit. I already know what I want to do, it’s figuring out HOW to do it. Plus figuring out what con I want to attend. Joanna will be living in Alabama when Magic City Con happens, and she’s a professional seamstress. We’ve already worked out a trade agreement, and she’s offered to sew a good portion of the cosplay for me. On top of all this I need to get medically cleared for flying because there is no way I’m going to ride the bus and train. It’s one thing to spend 36 hours on a train from Omaha to Denver (did that for Spring Break 11 years ago). From here to Omaha it’s a bus ride, then the train, a layover at a train station, then a train again. It would be FOUR DAYS of traveling. Nope. From here to Birmingham? That’s a nope surrounded by colorful words. This all requires saving a LOT of money. Joanna doesn’t know what her housing situation will be (apartment or house? Roommate or alone?) when she moves here from Australia. Will Magic City con be close enough to stay at her play or will we need to book a room at the hotel? Plus the cost of tickets to attend for the entire weekend if she doesn’t work the con. She worked it last year (and met a lot of celebrities and voice actors), and said she may be able to get us discount on a room. So overall learn to sew clothing for the cosplay, get medically cleared to fly, save money for the plane, the hotel, and the con.

    5. Sell my work at a comic con. It’s a really up-in-the-air thing right now. Joanna, and a LOT of other people, have told me I would be incredibly successful. I’m learning applique, I can paint, I have jewelry, I can sew, and I quilt. I can make fanart with fabric. Ragdolls, small wall hangings depicting characters, etc. There’s a lot of traditional art sold at conventions, as well as cute crafts like phone charms. How often do you see a quilt or wall hanging with a picture of a popular character? Ragdolls are unheard of at cons, but folks get plenty of plushies. Focusing on these might prove very successful. If I can attend and sell at a con this year I can at least built up my reputation and inventory on Etsy.

    6. Skype with family. I video Skype with Joanna a lot, and she’s in Australia (working on moving here between February and March and becoming a permanent citizen). Mom and I have video Skyped a few times (she is so funny trying to figure out the camera). Maybe you and I can do that? My main problem is over-socialization. That’s what the doctor calls it anyway. After a convention I need a week of little-to-no human contact just so I can recover. With video Skyping I need just a couple days, especially after a long chat. Joanna and I tend to forget time and five hours later I’m yawning and she’s about to have dinner and we’re just…wait, what? I think Skyping with you and Jeanna would be awesome.

    7. Write more. Currently it’s fanfiction, which is awesome. I just…haven’t written in a good long while. A few months if you don’t count my cryptic poetry. I also want to work on a children’s book I’ve been sort of keeping secret. I’ll be doing all the illustrations (yay for painting!), and find a publisher. A few people have suggested I self-publish, but that’s REALLY tricky with something like this. I’m not working on getting published anytime soon, just get the writing done by the end of the year, and maybe a few paintings.


    • I do have an about link already, is it not visible? And I put categories for everything. Is that different than.tags? Also already have the page for my other sites/locations. Careful with commissions on sewn projects, especially quilts. If you aren’t a fan of the project it slows it down plus you have to stare at it while you cut, iron, sew, and quilt. My problem is I hate deadlines. It makes things feel like a chore instead of fun. I don’t plan on doing any commissions on large projects. I have a lot to make but hoping to learn how to sew clothes
      Way different lol. One issue is finding a large area to cut. My whole house is carpetted.

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